Handcrafted jewelry and wooden decorations

Born of ardent desire and tireless perseverance. We repeatedly tried to give a name to this energy and sought out its nature, but ultimately felt that there was no answer to be found. We are not looking for things that we already have. Instead, we simply allow them to be. They do not belong to us, which is why we are not afraid to lose them. Perhaps we have been inspired by nature, but then why do we only see her as purely, wholly beautiful? Perhaps we have been inspired by love, as love does have the power to attract others to it. Relish it and be inspired. Nothing in our world would make sense without the energy we draw from fulfilment.

This is artistry on a new level.

We are inspired by life because it is full of opportunities. We are inspired by death because it draws our attention to our opportunities. We are inspired by our goals because they impede the flow of time, just as we enjoy every stop on the path that has no exact destination. In the beauty of visible things, we are drawn to that which is invisible. This is what we call the art of a new age, the art of the soul.

This Season's Novelties

Kochut jewelry is hand-crafted and designed using either 3D modelling or wax casting to ensure workmanship of exceptional quality as well as a unique feel and look for each product.

The History of Kochut

The three of us, Yuri, Roman and Igor Kochut, started making jewelry in high school. However, we only started creating jewelry on a professional level when we entered Uzhhorod National University. We later graduated with degrees in mechanical engineering, and our time in higher education allowed us to learn the technology of metal processing on both chemical and mechanical levels. At first, we made pendants and rings from copper, tin and brass, and then we began to work with silver and stones. The first piece we put up for sale was a knight's necklace made of silver eagles. We operated out of a mini-workshop we had set up in our home.
2015 saw the opening of our first jeweller's workshop, and we started bringing on artisans, sales managers, content managers and other professionals as time went on. We moved to a much larger workshop at the end of 2017, which provided us with the space to create a jewelry showroom in Uzhhorod.

Just as artists place their signatures on their paintings, so must the jeweller position and present the pieces they create as a part of themself.

Yuriy Kochut

Exclusive Wares from Kochut Wood

Incredible pieces crafted from wood and epoxy. We use the following types of wood for our tables: walnut, oak, maple, Japanese pagoda, American walnut, moraine oak and California maple.

Wooden tables and wooden products from Kochut

From a workshop at home in Uzhhorod to a jewelry boutique in Vienna
From a workshop at home in Uzhhorod to a jewelry boutique in Vienna
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